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We focus on two industries: financial services and nonprofit associations & professional societies. For FSC, it’s what we know and who we know. Our depth and breadth of knowledge makes us a valuable partner. Our long-term relationships spawn deeper understandings of industries and their unique challenges, and our repeated engagements enable us to identify the best ways to create lasting value in ever-changing competitive environments.


Over hundreds of client engagements across a wide range of financial services companies — commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, investment banks, insurers, fin-tech, asset managers and hedge funds — as well as firms that serve the industry, FSC has delivered superior results for its clients while building and enhancing it core expertise and extending its global network of client and industry contacts. FSC’s core competency lies in its market-centric approach — analyzing and defining markets, delineating key market segments, and identifying drivers of evolving customer needs, while developing sustainable growth strategies that respond to those needs.



Having established its niche supporting nonprofits in creating sustainable business models, enhancing non-dues revenues, identifying and developing strategic partnerships, and maximizing for-profit subsidiary performance, FSC has a long and deep relationship with many of the world’s leading association and professional society entities.

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